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Is the root of several words in the English Language.

It originates from a Greek theological, philosophical, and scientific term, when translated to English means “nature”. Phusis in keeping with its etymology of “growing, becoming” is used in a sense of the “natural” development.


To create a world in which recovery from addiction includes

healing of the body



Returning those living with addiction to fulfilled lives through purposeful movement


We all WIN

Create and provide solutions where our patients win, our partners win, our community wins, and our company wins

Think sustainability

Make decisions that last longer than we will

Embrace change

Push the boundaries of our field further to bring healing to all those in need

Keep it real

Cultivate authentic healthcare practitioners and relationships

Make an impact

Leave people better than you found them

Evidence will be our north star

Utilize evidence based practices to improve client outcomes

Human power

Let respect, transparency, collaboration, and direct feedback drive all we do

Show gratitude

Regularly stop and be grateful for your circumstance

Purposeful Movement

Purposeful Movement is rooted in the context of the way in which we move ourselves within environments that expand from our homes to the neighborhood and regions beyond.

We frame movement as fundamental to determining life-maintenance needs (e.g., food, clothing, health care) are met independently and whether higher order needs (e.g., social relationships, recreational activities) are fulfilled to promote well-being. Purposeful Movement hopes to comprehensively illustrate the interrelated factors relevant to movement in different contexts for those suffering from addiction.  Conceptualizing movement in a more holistic fashion requires us to consider multiple determinants that influence movement.

Learn More About Addiction

We do our best to help you understand the current state of recovery in addiction.